Medellin Gyms

Want to keep up your daily work outs while visiting Medellin?

Medellin has a number of fine Gym facilities with Body Tech being the clear leader as far as numbers and size of facilities.

Many hotels also have small gym and work out facilities but the larger Medellin Gyms seem to attract the most tourists.


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Medellin, Colombia Tel 57-4-268-2328

Located in Poblado a couple of blocks away from Oviedo Mall, Santillana is a popular medium sized gym that offers temporary memberships to tourists.

Body TechThere are 4 Body Tech locations in Medellin; All offer temporary memberships and are fully equipped like their American counterparts. They also sponsor frequent fashion shows.

Closest to Poblado is the Body Tech located in El Tessoro Mall. We are told it costs 80,000COP per week or 160K for a month.

Body Tech Las Vegas Cra 46 No 16 Sur-67 313-3176

Body Tech Laureles Cra 66 b No 32 d-36

Body Tech Viscaya Calle 10 No 32-115 Centro Commercial Vizcaya Local 127 Phone 270-8440

The newest Medellin Body Tech is scheduled to be opened in the new Centro Comercial Premium Plaza in Q-1 of 2008.

Body Tech also puts on frequent fashion shows at many of it’s facilities.


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